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Getting Good Website Links

There are an infinite number of places you can get good links to your website and share a link from your website to them as well.  Links that are relevant will increase your rankings. There are also bad links which can destroy your websites ranking.

These are the websites with the types of links we recommend you obtain links from to increase your rankings:

  1. Websites in your industry (Experts, your suppliers, wholesalers, industry regulators, Industry training and certification sites.)
  2. Charity websites, educational institutions, places you sponsor
  3. Chambers of commerce, BBB, Industry associations
  4. Customer reviews on Yelp or Zagat
  5. Old sites with established domains (Please check with WebSeoPros.com to see if the link is good or not.)
  6. News organizations
  7. Press release sites
  8. Blogs and forums related to your local area or industry only
  9. Websites from .gov and .edu sites
  10. Social media and bookmarking sites


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